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Nihon - Monitor, Neuro & Cardiology

ECG, EEG, EP/EMG, Defibrilator, Central & Bedside Monitor

Nihon Kohden is Japan's leading manufacturer and provider of medical electronic equipment. We are the number supplier to Japan and one of the leaders in the world.


Founded in 1951 under the vision of "Fighting Disease With Electronics," Nihon Kohden has grown to become one of the world's top medical electronic equipment manufacturers. Our products are built on 50 years of continuous improvement, innovation and attention to quality and usability.

Nihon Kohden designs and manufactures medical equipment in conformity with the standards of IEC601-1 (Medical Electrical Equipment: General Requirements for Safety). ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 14001 and EC Certificate

Physiological measuring equipment Electroencephalographs, electromyographs, evoked potential measuring systems, electrocardiographs, ambulatory ECG analysis systems, exercise/stress test systems, cardiac catheterization systems, electrophysiological measuring systems and polygraph systems

Patient monitoring systems Patient monitors for use in cardiac care and intensive care units, neonatal monitors, fetal monitors, surgical monitoring systems, and emergency care.

Life Scope series provides powerful ECG management and advanced sensing technology to give you more accurate, powerful and convenient monitoring. Life Scope also gives you the flexibility to monitor patients in the ICU, CCU, NICU, OR, ER, general ward or cardiac rehabilitation.

Revolutionary PWTT technology This monitor incorporates a new parameter, PWTT (pulse wave transit time), which can have correlation with blood pressure. The monitor continuously calculates PWTT from ECG and SpO2. During periodic NIBP measurement, if PWTT exceeds the threshold it triggers NIBP measurement. This increases the chance to detect sudden change in blood pressure between periodic NIBP measurements.

The CNS-9701 central monitor provides flexible and effective monitoring and review for an LS-NET Life Scope patient monitoring network.

Both hardwired and telemetry monitors can be connected, and parameters measured by Nihon Kohden monitors are monitored on the central monitor

Large data storage and powerful review for Trendgraph and trend data (72 hours), Arrhythmia recall events, ST recall of 12 lead ECG, Hemodynamics etc.

Our Reusable and disposable SpO2 probes is Water resistant and washable. Completely redesigned from our previous model. Comfortable, sure fitting and lightweight reduces the effect of hand movement for highly reliable SpO2 measurement. Build from Bright LEDs for more accurate measurement with thicker finger or darker skin.

Pocket Size Wireless Transmitter Monitoring System, with The World First NIBP Transmitter. Compact, lightweight patient transmitters for wireless bedside monitors and wireless networks let you select the optimum parameters. Can monitoring Continuous 3 to 7 day operation with a single AA battery*

Combined with WEP-4200, make the system simple at Low cost, high level patient care at the nurse station.

This 4 or 8 patient telemetry central monitor is an economical, nurse-oriented patient monitoring system for the step-down unit, ER, CCU and ICU, cardiac rehabilitation, general ward and other areas wirelessly.

UHF digital telemetry with dual diversity antenna provides a reliable and stable signal. This also allows patient mobility and a flexible patient bed plan in the ward.

You can directly write the patient name on screen with the touch pen or finger. The touch screen also allows easier and more intuitive operation


Compact Defibrillator with Bhipasic Technology for more effective defibrillation at lower energy. Nihon Kohden's unique ActiBiphasic™ technology provides more efficient defibrillation than conventional biphasic circuits by maintaining constant second phase pulse width for high impedance patients. Non-invasive pacing (TEC-5531) with Optional SpO2 and CO2 kits. Fast charging - less than 3 seconds to 150J and less than 5 seconds to 270J.

World's smallest and lightest 6 channel interpretive ECG (Electrocardiograph) with LCD Screen displays simultaneous 12 lead ECG, featuring ECG analysis by ECAPS 12C interpretation program. Unique stylus pen sound simulates the sound of a recording pen.

Data storage and transfer to a PC. ECG data can be reviewed and managed on a Windows PC with the optional ECG Viewer software. Store and manage many ECG data from ECG-902x/913x/9320/9620 or PEA-1110 on the PC. You can search, view, compare, print, and edit analysis results of ECG, and send it to other physicians by e- mail. Two ECG data files can be reviewed on the screen at the same time to compare data. Previous data and current data is easily compared.

Electroencephalograph (EEG)
World's first 192 channel simultaneous sampling EEG with 250 channel display capability. Excellent performance for routine EEG exam rooms as well as epilepsy centers, sleep labs and research facilities.

The main features are

-  DSA trendgraph and several types of mapping, frequency spectrum analysis and phase comparison.
-  EEG Examination Software, such Adult seizure detection, review Voltage Brain mapping and EEG central monitoring.
-  3-D voltage mapping. Display voltage maps in 6 different views or a sequence of voltage maps in one view.
-  Easy operation with High-end PC-based system allows networking, databases, and report generation.
-  Variety of electrode junction boxes and high sampling frequency (38, 64, 128, 192 channels).
-  Digital video for Video synchronization, essential for long term epilepsy monitoring, is optionally available. More information about this features please visit Nihonkohden site here

Neurofax µ EEG-9100 is a Windows® XP notebook PC based EEG with high performance and expandability with optional hardware and software. Neurofax µ allows EEG testing anywhere. Its Portable and lightweight. You can easily carry a complete system in a car or airplane. It comes with a notebook PC unit, isolation power supply, advanced electrode junction box and necessary standard accessories and standard software.

Wireless EEG.
The patient wears a transmitter in a pouch and an electrode junction box in a shoulder strap. The transmitter sends up to 64 channels of EEG data to one or more receivers that are connected to an electroencephalograph by LAN.

-  An SpO2 probe can be connected to the telemetry unit with an optional adapter
-  24 hour battery operation allows long-term EEG and sleep monitoring
-  Seamless recording - 60 minutes of EEG data is backed up in case the patient temporarily moves out of the wireless range etc.

Evoked Potential/EMG Measuring System
That came with 2, 4, 8 or 16 channels. Extremely low noise amplifier. High performance hardware - low noise, high CMRR, montage programmable electrode junction box. On-screen examination guide. Open and work on multiple examinations and screens at the same time, and switch between them with just one mouse click. Generate reports in Microsoft Word™ and Excel™. Notebook PC or desktop PC version also available.

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