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Enraf Nonius - Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy and Rehab Products
Enraf-Nonius has been developing products for mobility experts for more than 80 years. Enraf-Nonius has a reputation as the company for physiotherapy and rehab products. Enraf-Nonius has a worldwide clientele of medical professionals, physiotherapists and movement experts. Over its long history Enraf-Nonius has grown into a valued supplier of products for the treatment of conditions of the locomotor apparatus and of systems for improving the quality of life.


Passive forms of treatment have an important role to play in many complaints of the posture and locomotor apparatus. In this field Enraf-Nonius does, of course, have a long tradition and an extensive product range. Active treatment forms, however, are also becoming increasingly important. Enraf-Nonius is anticipating this development with a range that really meets its users’ requirements. Specifically for these users Enraf-Nonius is developing the tools for an effective treatment and an optimum implementation of our products. With Enraf-Nonius you can count on a bright future.

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ENP is the Projects Division of Enraf-Nonius B.V. ( and was created to further develop project work carried out by Enraf-Nonius B.V. during the 1980’s and 1990’s. These early projects focussed on rehabilitation centres, whereas ENP aims to provide a more comprehensive package.


Today ENP specialises in the turnkey equipping of hospitals, healthcare centres and other health-related organisations worldwide. Our experience and proven track record have enabled us to implement a variety of health and science based equipping projects for private, commercial and government clients.


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