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PT. Murti Indah Sentosa

"One Stop Service" providing almost all medical equipment

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Week of 04/09/12

Articles published during this week
- Penawaran - Sent by Setiawan

Dengan hormat, Kami ingin memperkelankan ETS ETS = untuk Over voltage Protection-Electric surge protection- voltage stabilizer-Ground Improver- Noise Filtering- Network line protector

Brosure terlampir.

Untuk uji coba dan keterangan lebih lanjut hubungi kami. terima kasih

Created on Apr. 11 2012
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- CardiofaxM, ECG Nihon kohden - Dear Marketing of Murti,

I am interesting with your ECG,

so could please quote me soon,

coz we need it cyto.

Thank you
Created on Apr. 9 2012
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